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11 year old Susie got off the school bus and walked home. Suddenly an old, red, VW drove past her, very slowly, stuffed birds stuck to the roof. It stopped. An old, grey man gets out.

''Hello dear, do you like my birds?'' he asks in a soft voice.

''Ummm....yeah'' she replies, politely.

''I can show you more'' he says, getting closer.

Suddenly a neighbour gets out and he scatters.

Two years pass. Susie and her mum are watching the news,suddenly Susie notices that same old man pictured, it explained how a missing girl was found in his apartment, stuffed.

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    Frenchie about 6 years ago

    He he he, haven't lost your touch ! :-)

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    Ricky Moore about 6 years ago

    Thanks Francine! The 100 words really restrained me with this one, the idea in my head needed atleast 300 :( haha.

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    Bryan Thomas about 6 years ago

    Nice one, Ricky!

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    Ricky Moore about 6 years ago


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