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Grace Wallflower


“You are so amusing, Grace,” Mrs. Elliot cackled.

Grace’s face burned. “What is so wrong with wanting to be a businesswoman? It’s becoming more commonplace all the time.”

“Young women of good breeding do not run a business!” She shuddered.

“Good breeding? Ha! Father was a newsie when you met him! And you were the daughter of a...”

“Hush! Do you know how hard we’ve tried to bury our pasts? We want something better for you, dear.”

“But I want to work. I love the publishing house.”

“This conversation is closed. We will find you the right husband.”

Grace pouted.

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    Drew Martyn almost 3 years ago

    Stick with it Grace!

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    Callista Briars almost 3 years ago

    LOL! Thanks! I might be straying away from the proper form, not telling a complete story, so I apologize in advance. At least each chapter is 100 words. It's really hard! I do hope you enjoy the rest of the story. Eventually I will turn this into a novel with more detail. I'm also going to re-write it set in Victorian America as I had originally planned. Feedback is much appreciated!

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