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I’ve tried a thing. I don’t like it. It costs money. It requires working. Shopping. Cooking. Cleaning. It’s hard.
“Stay young.”
I didn’t listen. I grew up. It’s funny. All I wanted was to be old. Now I wish for youth. My parents paid. Now I pay.
“Let’s go out!”
I know. I shouldn’t.
Instead, “when and where?”
“Friday. Rialto’s.”
If I pay in cash… Do I pay? No, it’s not subtracted. Okay. I’ll save next week. Sunday. Groceries. Ramen is cheap. Mom, dad, family I miss you. Visit soon. Bring food and SNACKS. Please. I’m learning. I need you.

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    Drew Martyn 12 months ago

    Caitlyn, this is immense, a superb depiction of learning to adjust to an adult world and adult lifestyle - I should know, I've been trying to do just that for god knows how many years ;) Welcome to Drablr

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