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One day I asked my friend what a true friend was.

“What’s a friend?”

“Someone who cares,” he said.

“Someone who listens,” I said

“A friend needs to laugh with us.” George said.

“A friend knows what you like and dislike,” George said.

“What makes a true friend?” I asked.

“Someone who sees you for who you truly are.”

“Did you ever have a great friend?” I asked.

“Yes, you,” he said.

“You’re a true friend too.”

“Thanks,” George said.

“What makes a great friend?” I asked.

“One who is there for you always,” George said.

We agreed and left.

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    Horrorshow almost 7 years ago

    Nice drabble, Bayley.

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    Jim M over 6 years ago

    Very smartly written, matter of fact and concise, so nice to read such a different drabble. Hope you do more soon

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