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War is a province for the old; not young.One society pitted against another in pitched righteous slaughter has been, up until now; a fate that humanity has not been able to temper. Like so many rotting stinking young corpses on a battlefield, love and empathy have always been laid to waste. Innocence slain by wrinkled minds. With a history so drenched in blood here this “seer” will leave open a prediction for humanity's future: That the young shall be baptized with the blood of the young, as old men continue to scar their already callus hearts. This world will burn!

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    D.M. over 7 years ago

    Strong drabble! I can't help myself, sorry, but I look at the profile shot next to
    the Welcome to Colorful Colorado sign (love it!) and I imagine that this drabble is
    a speech!!!.

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    Christopher over 7 years ago

    Given the amount of wars waged on this world it's a wonder there's any of it left to burn. But, wherever there's any combustible area, there'll always be warmongers waiting to strike a match.

    Really great stuff, Bob.

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    Bob Page over 7 years ago

    Thanks guys!

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