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Logic, that is what I'd like for my ideal "superpower". To discern the practical from the illogical.

I realized today while driving, that I really like ravens. As I approached one raven's dinner table at about 65 mph, this bird politely excused itself and nonchalantly hopped off to the side of the road so that I could pass. After that it hopped back and resumed its meal of some kind of beast too impatient or thick in the head to wait for its own safe passage across the road.

Why do I like ravens?...Because they feed off of the stupid!

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    Bob Page about 9 years ago

    & I hope I am not one to be fed off of. :)

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    Samantha Grace Bishop about 9 years ago

    Is this why I like ravens so much?

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    Christopher about 9 years ago

    I see this almost every day as well with various birds of prey and I often wonder if they get pissed about having their repast interrupted by humans and their ridiculous rectangular metal boxes.

    Nice drabble, Bob. Really enjoyed it!

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