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His mother tucks him in the bed gives him a good night kiss, leaves. He sleeps and dreams.

"I sit on the lawn... He looks at me, reaches inside his coat pocket, takes out a silenced pistol and shoots me in the head...", he narrates to his parents.

He spends next 20 years fighting this unknown man. He becomes the perfect man. A man every woman dreams about, every man wants to be. He eventually forgets his dream.

He loses his job. His wife leaves him. He moves in with his parents. Sits on the lawn.

Waiting for the man...

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    Horrorshow about 9 years ago

    Very well written, Suriya.

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    Michael D. Brooks about 9 years ago

    Wow! That's all I can say.

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    Suriya about 9 years ago

    thank u all... i'm glad u enjoyed it...

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    Selvakumar about 9 years ago

    Sema da.. The way you used to narrate it... Sooperb

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