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There was something about her, as she sat smoking on the park bench. The way the cold didn’t bother her, like the snow around her was simply dust. The way her eyes watched the horizon, like the buzzing streetlight was a radiant sunset. The way she never lifted that cigarette to her lips, a statue frozen on that bench.
There was something about her that made her so serene, so peaceful that the passerbys never thought to call the police. So she sat the whole night before they found her frozen dead body, less peaceful in the harsh morning sun.

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    Natalie Maver 3 months ago

    You used really great imagery which helped create a picture in my head! I also love the twist at the end and how the death counteracts how peaceful the scene had seemed prior to that.

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    Michael Cook 3 months ago

    Great drabble, and as Natalie said, nice twist at the end!

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    Mike Arnzen 3 months ago

    Love the way the words at the end turn sinister. Good tight story!

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