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There was no sound, no visible signs. No struggle, no impact, no blunt object, no dripping blade, no smoking gun.

One minute all was well with the world, there was hope and joy and love and us.

Then, in a moment, it all changed. Suddenly there was no us, just you and me.

No blood, no bruising, as my heart broke asunder, tearing itself from its moorings and shattering into a million pieces.

How can pain be so intense with so little to see on the outside?

I dont know the prognosis.

How long does a heart take to heal?

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    Frenchie about 9 years ago

    Beautifully written. Poetic and sad... pass me the tissues, you have managed to make me cry.

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    Chris Walker about 9 years ago

    Good drabble and writing.

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    Bryan Thomas about 9 years ago

    Very good, Stuart. :o)

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    Helen Laycock about 9 years ago

    So few words... such deep impact.

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