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The Andersen Chronicles #31


After lunch, I walk behind her on the way back to her office.
Don’t stare, I tell myself.
Then go right on staring.
Bubble butt in low-waist slacks.
Long dark hair brushing softly against white silk blouse.
Way out of your league, says my brain.
Ah, but shouldn’t a man’s reach exceed his grasp? I retort.
Laughter echoes through my skull.
We enter her office and return our attention to the legal puzzle on her desk.
Wrongful termination.
Blue sky, indistinct green marshland, no straight lines.
She points.
I look.
Smudge of salad dressing on my tie.

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    Neville Hunt almost 5 years ago

    The format helps me be there with the 'hero', looking at her from behind. I love the reach exceeding grasp line....yes it should! I so identify with the denouement! An excellent drabble, Thomas.

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    Thomas Andersen almost 5 years ago

    Thanks NH; I so wish that line was mine, but I have to credit Robert Browning; it’s from his poem ‘Andrea Del Sarto’.

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    Olga Klezovitch almost 5 years ago

    No straight lines in this Drabble; I like it.

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