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Pointing his gun at Despain’s chest Tanaka licked his chawed lips. “And the rest?”
“Rest...?” said Despain ignoring the stump nosed revolver’s cycloptic stare.
“Paper says you got away with ten … there’s seven in the bag.”
“Paper’s full of shit!”
“Maybe,” said Tanaka lowering his aim. “But for now the burden of proof is on you.”
Despain nodded slowly, then leapt forward, pushed the gun out of the way and landed a knee in Tanaka’s groin. The beefy Asian fell to the ground like a factory chimney demolished by dynamite.
“Oughta trust people more, Tanaka. Makes life less painful.”

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    D.M. about 4 years ago

    Oh the paper... never getting the small details right (it was probably twelve!!).
    Good one.

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    Thomas Andersen about 4 years ago

    I actually trust the papers getting the details right – the problem is with the bigger picture!

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    Drew Martyn about 4 years ago

    I particularly loved the beefy Asian falling like a demolished chimney. Every word in that sentence speaks of weight! Great drabble!!

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