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My Hudson Great White features a carbon honeycomb core and bow mounted rigger. As single sculls go, it’s as lightweight and ridged as they come; a boat for champions. As I ease it into Esrom Lake’s dark water, the waves’ soft lapping against the boat’s hull remind me of my father. I was only three when he first took me rowing. I sat on his lap, looking on as his muscled arms and sinewy hands pulled the oars, accelerating the boat through the water. Rowing will give you tremendously strong hands, and that's great for opening jars, and strangling people.

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    D.M. about 4 years ago

    That sinister note at the end made me reread it! There's such a picture of innocence of the boy on his father's lap and then that darkness! Good one!

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    Thomas Andersen about 4 years ago


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