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The mad scientist cackled. Thunder bellowed. His experiment, no, his creation was alive. It blinked, blinded by the flashes of lightning and the glow of tesla coils.

"G'morning, Humphrey!"

It didn't respond.

The mad scientist rubbed his chin as per The Mad Scientist Guidebook, Rule 27.

"Edgar, whose brain did you grab again?"

"The registry said Keller, H."

"Fabulous. Where am I supposed to find a replacement brain this time of night?"

Edgar was about to grovel (Humpbacked Assistant Guidebook, Rule 48) when the doorbell rang.

"Hello, would you like to buy cookies to support the Girl Scouts Association?"


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    Michael D. Brooks almost 7 years ago

    Ha, ha! Shades of "Young Frankenstein." The visual imagery in the opening paragraph sets the stage. I especially like the guidebooks.

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    Jonathan Royan almost 7 years ago

    Poor girl scout!
    Good drabble.

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    Jim M almost 7 years ago

    Very amusing drabble, told so whimsically and a true pleasure to read

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    Pseudoarachnia over 6 years ago

    What Jonathan said.

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