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Ya see, me and Fredy were walking down south, see, next to the swamp, y'know? We was just foolin' around, taking potshots at squirrels and woodchucks n' such when Fredy calls me over an' says "Hey, look at this".

So I walks over and lo and behold, there's a briefcase. Just a briefcase. That's all.

First thing Fredy says is "Ya think there's money?"

We look at each other a moment. I say "Prolly not."

Fredy socks me, I sock him back, I kick him, I hit him with my baseball bat.

Fredy stop'd moving.

I open the case.


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    Jim M almost 7 years ago

    Ha ha, brilliant! The dialect is awesome, tells so much about who they are and how they end up as they do. Genius

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    Rodindeadpan almost 7 years ago

    Love it

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    Michael D. Brooks almost 7 years ago

    The tell is in the telling. Nice drabble. You paint a very clear picture of these guys.

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    D.M. almost 7 years ago

    Fun to read aloud!

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