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“The best part of owning a fruit stand, my friend, is the free samples.”

The young man takes a bite out of an apple. Pulp and juice dribbles down his chin and onto his shoe. He doesn't notice. His friend pretends not to.

“See, the key is to know your product inside-” he holds out the apple for emphasis, “- and out. I mean, what kind of peddler would I be if I didn’t know what intricacies differentiate an apple from other fruit?”

His friend nods appreciatively.

“Take this pear, for example. It-”

His friend takes the pear.

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    Jim M almost 7 years ago

    Hi! Great drabble, skillfully told and witty- love it

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    Amphituber almost 7 years ago

    Thank ya kindly.

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    Rodindeadpan almost 7 years ago

    Good one and welcome to drabbleworld

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