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"Sick bastard! You know what, you need help!" Betty screamed at her husband.
Kev ignored her, as usual, and carried on with his preparations:
Flashlight - Check.
Rubber gloves - Check.
Lube - Check.
"My Mother said you were a wrong'un - wish I'd listened to her."
"So do I." mumbled Kev wearily.
"Why Kev? I don't understand why though? It takes 17 light years to reach this little blue shithole of a planet, but then all you want to do is.....that!"
"Boredom...RESEARCH! Umm...I mean research. Anyway, you know how much they love it - getting probed seems to give them something to boast about!"

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    Liz Milne over 4 years ago

    love this one, so much!!! :D

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    Iarwain Olofsson over 4 years ago

    I've been taken ...
    by this one. LOL

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