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"I like your boots..."
I turn slowly. The man, is old, unshaven and leaning on a stick, but his eyes hold mine with hunger.
"Thank you," I reply.
"If you die, can I have them?"
I look around. We're alone on the forest road, but the birds are hushed, the moment before surprise. My hand, frees the pistol. I cock the hammer and take aim.
"I don't plan to die soon," I say.
Noise and pain in my head. I'm on the ground. The old man hasn't moved.
"No-one plans to die," he says and spits. "Get him girls."

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    Bryan Thomas almost 8 years ago

    Nice twist.

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    Kimberly over 7 years ago

    This could easily be part of a Western....

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    Iarwain Olofsson over 5 years ago

    ... for the birds.
    Just to my liking, your twist.

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