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The Drahvins had the Doctor surrounded. He bolted for the door, but Maaga and her adjutant blocked it.

"You can't resist us, Doctor," they purred together.

The Doctor steepled his fingers and regarded the slim blondes gravely. "Eh? Oh no, my child, I think you'll find that you can't, er, resit me."

He shrugged his jacket to the floor in a single fluid motion...

* * *

Five minutes later, Steven arrived to find the old man virtually naked in a room full of unconscious women. He was bopping quietly and humming something about being lonely.

"Lucky git," muttered Steven.

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    Andrew Lawston over 7 years ago

    This was written towards the end of 1999, when Austin Powers mania was in full swing. This drabble was originally posted on alt.drwho.creative, and features the first Doctor as played by William Hartnell, and Steven Taylor as played by Peter Purves, and probably not take place during the adventure Galaxy Four, in 1965.

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