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The launderette was almost empty when the stranger burst in. He looked around, confused.

'The Vardrath must have used a hallucination field,' he muttered.

'I deny this reality!' he boomed, spreading his arms wide and displaying gleaming white teeth, scarf flapping in clouds of steam billowing from a broken dryer.

An elderly lady stopped stuffing threadbare socks into her bag long enough to point out the spaceship across the street. Two humanoid lizards lounged in the doorway, sharing a cigarette.

'Bugger,' muttered the stranger, 'what a waste of a great move.' He dashed out.

'Bloody students,' snorted the old lady.

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    Andrew Lawston over 7 years ago

    Written around the year 2000, and first posted on alt.drwho.creative.

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    Kate Gowers over 7 years ago

    Students were clearly older in those days...

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    Michael Cook over 7 years ago

    A gem! ...and to think it's been hidden away for 14 years!

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    Andrew Lawston over 7 years ago

    Thanks Mike! It's been great giving a few of these pieces a new lease of life - although many of them are utterly dreadful!

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