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He was so damned, well, ‘unimpressable’. This time, however, Cyrrah knew he had Simeahn for sure.
“Got this gadget on Syrrox 9. If this doesn’t get you...”
“I’m not alive, yes, yes, carry on.”
Cyrrah pressed a button on the palm-sized wafer of a gadget. A beam emanated from the edge, creating ripples in space. A section of reality itself seemed to bend inward. They stuck their heads through the black hole, a portal to other worlds. Retreating, Simeahn remarked.
He proceeded to pull something from his pocket.
“I prefer mine pen-shaped.”
Cyrrah fumed.
He’d lost again.

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    shaun over 3 years ago

    For God's sake. Doesn't everybody know Someone like that?

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