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“Hi, may I speak with Fred, please?”
“This is.”
“Hi, Fred. I'm so-and-so with such-and-such. I have your resume, and a position I think you’d be a perfect fit for.”
“Really? What’s it involve?”
“Several skills you have, plus many our computer impersonally inferred you did that you don’t.”
“Hmmm. Can they look past those I don’t?”
“Hmmm. Have to get back to you on that.”
Click. Brain hangs up.
Another non-starter. Shocking.
Know what “perfect fit” means, folks?
Re-implement call screening.
Save time. Retain sanity.

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    shaun about 3 years ago

    How spectacularly accurate is this? I read it, and read it, and re-read it. So good.

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