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drabble (plural drabbles)

A fictional story that is exactly 100 words long.

The purpose of a drabble is brevity, testing the author's ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in an extremely confined space.

How to Write a Drabble: if you are new to writing drabbles then I highly recommend you read our guide.

Drabble of the Day

  • mbrookes

    about 1 month

    Skin Deep

    Some people claim that beauty is only skin deep. I scoff at such a foolish notion. Is the treasured Christmas gift special because of the shiny paper? Of course not. Certainly it provides a pleasing presentation, but once you get underneath you discover the real beauty.

    It isn’t easy; it takes a practised eye to appreciate the form, the shine, the texture of the muscle. Only with the proper study can you marvel at the delicate marbling of fat and meat. Enjoy the skin, peel it carefully so that you don’t spoil the treasure.

    And the taste. Oh the taste.